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Wished to say that we are little dog gang ....
 This story abouth us talk my Quebec ,not I or Goran


We make a group of ten ... - oh, no - it was a month or two before... maybe eleven... or? Don´t know quite, but who cares of such a tiny thing. My name is Quebec and I like to tell you my story here. As I am The yorkie and the man of this gang.
To me what really matters is, we tolerate each other as much as we could, and some of us even stick together - that's the thing I can't understand, cause I am, as my mother says, an extraordinary self-centred and autonomous dog. that's the thing I can't understand, cause I am, as my mother says, an extraordinary self-centred and autonomous dog.

It's always cheerfull and lots of new actions take place with us daily - so, when you visit us, you could have more fun, better  than in a circus! heh, heh... Though we are not jumping on the trampoline..  but even then, the mother's word for us is the commandement, more over, just at her glance, we array at once in order two by two... Sometimes we sleep in the real bed next to Latica and Goran, when we wish, but we have also our own little beds. But of course much better to sleep with Daddy & Mommie !!!!

Our home is full of toys, so it takes a lot of time for mommy to place them every evening.
We like playing with the toys but like real kids we don't put our toys away either.  But daddy, he is a cool type, and it's easy to make a fun with him unlimitedly... He never gets mad, and he's ready to play with us as long for hours. And when daddy says 'no', we just look at him a little bit dull and we keep on doing our bussines. Boy is daddy fun to be with!!!

We welcome all the new babies that into our home. We even get to watch them and when they get older their mommy will let us play with them to

There's one only thing, I get upset when I hear about one more female creature is coming... uaaaa...cause we, boys, we would definitly form the minority - and on the other side, it' s better to take on a girl then a fop(??) who could take over my girls from me!!!

 I'm not the oldest one here(Chiara is the oldest yorkie lady in our home), it's me to whom Latica and  Goran owe the most of their glory!!! I am the mooooooooost- rewarded dog at the moment, and why is it so,  you may see by yourself....it's meeeeeeee


My mommy and daddy met each other long before then I came. I know, daddy was earlier totally ignorant about dogs, and mommy, she had dogs  from her youth, just not so dogs with big coats as my present squad is. After the departure of her long-term dog friend Arica (german pinch), which left the world in its late ages, mommy found that she couldn't live without a dog, and she decided that in any case she wished a little yorkie.

And so, mommy and daddy went up and took Chiara. It's true, daddy was skeptic at first, but he fell in love quickly. Thus Chiara is the oldest one in fact and now she is in the age of 13, but she gets very well.


Chiara is also the champion, and it could be said she is even high-educated, while she attended the university together with mommy.

Chiara's life is pretty fullfilled by frequent journeys around the world. She doesn't like to take part on exhibitions but she usually watches them from her soft basket and she encourages us when we walk across the show  rinks.

When mommy and daddy noticed that Chiara didn't like exhibitions, they resolved to adopt the exhibition top-guy. Thus came to us Pensiero Stupendo - a dog that mommy still talks about him today, often and lenghtly, still grievous after his premature missing.

Since mommy and daddy were sick of sadness, they needed promptly a joyfull wonder, in which they could find an occupation, and it was me, me who jumped in their lives! I was the most joyous jolly in the world, even if  I was a bit hyperactive - but in no case bad - rather a bit disobedient and less apt for training. Yet nobody around me could be depressed for a long, and nobody could do anything else but to be engaged around me!  - oh, yes, those were beautifull days, my friend... we thought they'd never end... but still, I was missing a little canine company... for Chiara was unreachable all the time and she ignored my calls for playing at all.

The exhibitions are great, indeed, I always meet there my old and new friends, and above all, people are happy, especially around the yorkie rink - with cameras lightening unceasingly!

Traveling to an exhibition, we have a lot of fun in the car. We use to stop often at the beautifull meadows, running over with daddy to get there, while mommy is tremendously laughing nearby.

The next one who came to our house was Leon, a Pomeranian pomeranian, and - incredible - he managed to spoil my accounts! Cause he suddenly became the center of the world!
He was told to be the extra-sugar baby, supposedly ( for me, just the first crumple in the row), and in addition, he was the first imported sample of his breed in Croatia!! What a mess!...Off course, I still keep an eye on him .

And I must admit, unwillingly,  that Leon is very successful, as well as me. He is the  champion in several countries, but even the worst thing is that within our dog  squad he enjoys much more simpathy than me, and in fact, he is the real king in the house,  if I should speak honestly, BUT! the issue of kingship is not yet definitely resolved! and I AM the most fierce rival to him!! Aye-ah, not forget to say, mommy and daddy call him 'KENNY', causing me a nervous break down each time.
You state the you call Keon Kenny but below you say leon's is kennys best friend???? 
Leon's best friend is Kenny -suprisingly, I have also a good relation with him - since he has no ambitions for leadership, he is calm and meek. All our girls are crazy of him! But, why and what for, I really can't explain...??

My girl-friend is Flo: she finds her best entertainment in making the noise with her yellow playtoy - and her sleepy crew, -we get crazy from that noise -but she holds hard on it.

Flo is a very pretty girl, everybody say so. She has very beautiful hair In 2006,  she has plundered the show rings and she made the success almost equal as me - but I am still in advantage!

Flo's best friend is Ellie - mommy's great sweetheart, maybe even the greatest - though mommy would never show this openly, and it would be unfairly to say that mommy was ever uncared-for the rest of us. We all get the same care, the same rewards and the bones that we enjoy so much that, sometimes we make a quarrel about them - lucky fact is, that our quarrels are never long-lasting and soon again we act in the old mood- all for one, and one for all!!

Ellie always listens to what mommy says and each time she just twinkles by her with those most beautiful eyes - that's what I must admit! - shaped by her looong, looong lashes......and get what ever she wish !!!!!! She always sleep on mommy pillow and gets what she can and what she wish'd ! She love to go to resturants with mommy & daddy too.


Tina is my proud and joy because, she is my daughter and she is very much like I am. Judges love her and she enjoy walking in show rings like I was during my show carerr.

Isabella is pom girl with huge sence of humor ,and mom love her a lottttttttttt ....she can do what ever she wish ....she is also very inteligent and high lojality to mom-I think Izzy would do everything for mom and she is showed just by mom ...boy ...you should see that presentation on show....you would say vauuuuu ...what comunication , what energy ..how much  love connected  to that person with dog ...

Diva is yorkie girl with style -she is very small but very explosive and have  lot of  energy like she drinking every day red- bulls....LOL ...when she walks in show ring you can just see her coat and power that come out from each her step ...

Pixie and Nami are pom girls that acctually don´t enjoy much on shows and they are big sweethards and enjoy playing with dad .

Last month came into our home from Oregon, what is very far from us came, Stitch, the new pomeranian kid on the block....can you imagine how I feel now in home with so manyyyyyy other guys????
He is very beautiful male (but don´t tell anybody you hear that from me!!) and mom and dad have big expectation from him ....will see soon....

Don´t have to tell you, we almost always have other dogs to visit or pups ,so by us, the gang here at Best Models.... is always funny and something going on .....watch on us ....we are the best ...


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